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Rental of vans in Guadeloupe

Our rental terms and conditions

The rental contract is made up of these General Conditions, the descriptive sheets of departure and return (inventory of the premises). The fact of placing an order and taking charge of the van constructed by the TENANT imply the full and unreserved acceptance of the TENANT to the present general conditions of hiring. Consequently, in the event of a contradiction between a commercial, advertising or accounting document, or more broadly between all correspondence and this contract, only the leasing contract, the present general rental conditions and their annexes, Faith between the parties. In the event of a contradiction between the contract and the inventory of the dates and places of departure and arrival, the options and the category of the vehicle, it is the inventory that prevails over the present special conditions.

Leases are legally recognized as contracts, which, by virtue of their purpose, do not offer the right to withdraw.

1. Object of the contract :
The renter leases to the TENANT signed the contract for the van designed on the latter, or any other van equipped with identical characteristics, which is expressly accepted by the TENANT.
The TENANT accepts this offer and undertakes to comply with the contractual provisions of this rental contract, and declares that he is familiar with the van arranged to have examined it with the renter, before signing the present contract, the descriptive form of departure Attesting.
PROOFS TO BE GENERATED BY THE TENANT: Copy of the driver's license (s).

Prior written notice to the conclusion of this rental agreement, the TENANT must be over 25 years old and hold a "valid tourism" driving license issued for more than 3 years and be approved by the lessor. He / she must present the driving license (s) and issue a copy of it at the latest on the day of departure of the rental. An additional driver under the same conditions as those mentioned above can be added to the rental contract for an additional 30 €.


Under this contract, the renter gives the TENANT, who recognizes it, the official documents of the van (gray card and green card) as well as an amicable agreement.

The TENANT agrees to return the gray card, any other documents and keys, at the end of the rental period and at the handover of the van, otherwise the rental will continue to be carried out at the price initially agreed until the return At Gwada'Camp or until production of a certificate of loss and / or payment of duplicate fees.

2. Use of the campervan :
2.1 Personal character of the rental - Destination of the van
This lease is for personal use only. The rights and obligations of this contract are neither transferable nor transferable in any way whatsoever. However, the TENANT will have the option of mentioning an additional driver, named in the special conditions and approved by the renter. The authorized driver acts as an agent of the TENANT, who is, and remains in all circumstances, fully responsible for the converted van as soon as it has been taken over. The TENANT agrees to use the van only provided for personal use and not to rent or transport persons for consideration. The TENANT agrees not to allow the van to be driven by anyone other than those listed by Gwada'Camp. The TENANT is forbidden to participate in any match, race, rally or other competitions of any kind whatsoever, as well as to tests or preparations. He agrees not to use the van constructed for illicit or other purposes than those provided by the manufacturer and not to overload the rented manned van by carrying a number of passengers superior to that indicated on the gray card. The TENANT agrees not to harness a trailer, to make any modification to the van equipped and to use the closing systems at each stop.

2.2 Maintenance of the campervan :
Upon taking possession of the van constructed by the TENANT, the latter becomes the custodian within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code. As such, the TENANT may not assign, sell, hypothecate or pledge this contract, the van, any or all of its equipment, accessories and equipment. As guardian, the TENANT is obliged to keep it closed and locked outside periods of use, keeping the keys and papers which must under no circumstances be left on board without supervision. The TENANT is obliged to park the van equipped in all circumstances in a safe place. He commits himself to lead him as a "good father" and to comply with the legal rules of safety, traffic and parking. It is recalled that according to the principles of personality of penalties, the TENANT is responsible for the infractions committed during the duration of the hiring. All the obligations imposed on the TENANT apply to all persons required to drive or use the campervan rented whether they have been approved by the renter or not.

2.3 Condition of the campervan :
The finished van is delivered to the TENANT in perfect working condition and bodywork according to the descriptive state realized at the signing of the Starting Card. Failure to mention any apparent or missing defect, the renter would be deemed to have delivered a van furnished according to the descriptive state. The finished van will be returned in the same condition as when it left (with drainage of black and worn water). All costs of restoration, cleaning, full or replacement of missing elements, any expenses resulting from a fault or disrespect of the present general conditions will come in surcharge of the cost of the hiring, in accordance with the tariffs in force. The five tires are initially in good condition.
A description of the inventory will be completed by the contractor and signed by the TENANT and the renter on the day of departure. On the day of return, this card will be checked and countersigned by the TENANT, and the renter. This return form shall be deemed to be contradictory and enforceable against the TENANT except in the event of a legitimate absence.
It is understood that any repair of degradations entered in the state of premises emerging contradictory will be the object of a request for reimbursement by the renter to the TENANT or will be deducted from the deposit of guarantee.
For this purpose the renter will send the detailed repair estimate to the TENANT who will have a period of 8 days to challenge it and ask for a second opinion in place of the store where the vehicle was returned.
In the event of a request for a second opinion and beyond the 8th day, a flat-rate indemnity of 92 € / day for short-term capital assets, considering the loss incurred by the renter as a result of the loss of any leases.
In case the van becomes dirty, the tenant will have to pay the sum of 50 € TTC minimum for the cleaning. This amount will not be due if the customer has purchased the cleaning option at departure.
As the custodian of the van, the TENANT is responsible for all damages, disappearances, and any breakages, or any anomalies found.

2.4 Fuels - Lubricants - Gas :
Supplies of fuel are to be borne by the TENANT: the converted van being rented with the full fuel, it must be returned with a full tank or with the same fuel level of the departure. Otherwise, in accordance with the tariff conditions, the missing fuel will be invoiced to the TENANT. The TENANT must continuously check the oil and water level, and at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer, lubricate and drain the engine. He will justify this work by the corresponding invoices, stipulating the number of kilometers recorded on the meter during the operation. As far as gas is concerned, the van is equipped with a gas cylinder at the outset: in case of lack of gas, renewal must take place in the same gas mark.

2.5 Maintenance and repairs :
The TENANT is obliged to keep the van, its equipment and accessories in good working order. He takes charge of the maintenance menu of the van equipped, and without recourse against the renter: periodic checking and complement of the levels (oil, coolant, wiper liquid, brake fluid) and periodic inspection of the optics, The pressure of the tires, the braking members, the battery and the level of electrolysis. It is up to the TENANT to carry out these operations according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, and to contact, in case of doubt, Gwada'Camp. In addition, it is also the responsibility of the TENANT to have the garbage and regular maintenance operations carried out by Gwada or to be carried out by any garage of his choice, preferably in a garage approved by Gwada'Camp . This work must be justified by the corresponding invoices paid. Failing this, the work will be invoiced to the TENANT.
In case of malfunctions (engine, cell) encountered on the vehicle, the tenant must immediately notify Gwada'Camp of the existence of these malfunctions. Failing this, the lessor reserves the right to charge penalties to the tenant, in view of the days of immobilisation of the vehicle for repair (on the basis of the tariff of the additional day in force, 92€/day). Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of Gwada'Camp. Any repairs arising either from abnormal wear and tear due to negligence on the part of the TENANT shall be borne by the TENANT and executed by default by Gwada'Camp. In the event that the campervan is immobilized, repairs may only be carried out after written agreement and in accordance with Gwada'Camp's instructions. They must be the subject of an invoice paid. The same applies to the interior layout of the living area (refrigerator, water heater, water pump, etc.).

3. Insurance and deductible :
Our vehicles are covered by third-party liability insurance.
Damages to the vehicle not involving third parties or theft of the rented vehicle remain the responsibility of the Tenant within the limit of a maximum financial responsibility of 2000 €.
Indirect damages such as loss of use and immobilisation, damage to your belongings and accessories are not guaranteed.
Under this insurance, the TENANT subrogates the renter in all its rights and actions against any third party liable, and faculty is offered to the renter to subrogate the Company of Insurance in all its rights and actions against any third party in charge.
Under penalty of being deprived of the insurance, the TENANT agrees to:
- Use the campervan in accordance with the terms of this contract,
- Declare to Gwada'Camp and to the police authorities as soon as the incident occurs and within a maximum of 24 hours.
- Provide Gwada'Camp with an amicable report specifying the exact circumstances of the incident and the date, place and time, even if there is no identified third party, within 2 working days at knowledge of the disaster.
- Mention in his declaration the name and address of the witnesses, the registration of the car of the third party.
- Indicate the name of the third party insurance company and its policy number.
- Attach to this declaration any police report, police station or statement of bailiff, if it has been established.
In the event of theft of the vehicle, the TENANT must return the keys and the vehicle registration card (failing which his liability can be sought).
In the event of a disaster, the TENANT must immediately take all necessary measures to limit the size of the disaster and safeguard the vehicle.
In the event of loss for any cause or liability whatsoever, a booking fee of 50 € TTC will be invoiced to the TENANT.
Gwada'Camp disclaims any liability when the driver is intoxicated, has used drugs, narcotics or psychotropic drugs, if he is not in possession of a valid permit or if the TENANT has Provided Gwada'Camp with false information.

4. Reservation - Cancellation :
4.1 Reservation
Reservations are considered final only after payment of a deposit of 30% of which the minimum amount is indicated in the Reservation Form. The balance must be paid at the latest on the day of departure. After this period, Gwada'Camp reserves the right to cancel the reservation without further notice to the customers on the waiting list for the period in question.
Gwada'Camp accepts payment by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visas, Mastercard), bank transfer and only on sites, cash.

4.2 Cancellation
- More than 31 days before departure, Gwada'Camp retains 50% of the deposit amount paid.
- Less than 31 days prior to departure, Gwada'Camp retains the entire down payment.

5. Rental - Security Deposit :
One week includes 7 days and 6 nights. The estimated cost of the rental and benefits is determined by the prevailing rates payable in advance. It includes the price of the rental, calculated according to the rates in force at the time of signature of the contract, any additional fees or options subscribed, the security deposit. Payment shall be deemed to have occurred on the day on which the total amount of the rental and benefit estimate is credited to the renter's account. Some vans are different from those usually presented in our catalogs and advertisements. The TENANT may in no case require one van rather than another, the price of the rental being the same for all the vans of the same category. A security deposit, the amount of which is specified in the Tariff Sheet in force, will be paid by the TENANT on the day of departure. The deposit of the Guarantee will be returned to the TENANT within 8 days after the return of the campervan, with the possible deduction of the costs of restoration not covered by the insurance or expenses of repairs for events attributable to the TENANT. This deposit can not in any case be used for an extension of the rental period. This security deposit which the TENANT remits at the start of the lease is intended to cover all or part of the sums, which the TENANT will be owed at the end of the lease. All or part of the security deposit will be forfeited to the renter in the event of a DAMAGE attributable to the TENANT, in the event of FLIGHT of the van equipped and, more generally, in the event that the amount of the final invoice would be greater than the amount previously settled and this to the extent of this difference. The deposit will be refunded eight days after the end of the rental period.

6. Delivery and return of the van :
The fitted vans must be taken and returned to the same place, unless expressly stated in the special conditions.

7. Duration of the hiring - End of the hiring :
The duration of the contract is imperative. In case of early restitution of the van, no refund will be made. No extension will be permitted without the written consent of Gwada'Camp, requested at least 72 hours before the end of the contract. Any extension of stay must be agreed to by Gwada'Camp and settled prior to return. Failing this, the TENANT will be exposed to legal proceedings after a formal notice remained unsuccessful.
Any delay in return of the vehicle entails the payment of a lump sum indemnity:
- 100 € (one hundred euros) for the first 3 hours of delay,
- 300 € (three hundred euros) from the 3rd to the 24th hour,
- 500 € (five hundred euros) per additional day.

The rental contract ends with the return of the van, its accessories, interior fittings, options, keys and administrative documents to the point Gwada'Camp start. Any complaints concerning this rental must be addressed to Gwada'Camp, Marina Bas du Fort BD24, 97110 Pointe à Pitre, within 48 hours of the date of return of the van.

8. Complaints :
During the rental agreement, the TENANT will do its business to inform Gwada'Camp for any malfunction or claims related to the vehicle.
Failing this, no complaint can be taken into account if the Gwada'Camp services have not been informed and have not been able to intervene and to know the situation of the TENANT.

9. Repatriation of the van :
The TENANT is expressly forbidden to abandon the converted van, which must, by written derogation, be taken back to its starting point. If the TENANT is unable to return the converted van at the agreed place and date, and in the event that the assistance option has not been taken out, the van will be repatriated by the tenant and the expense of the TENANT, the rental remaining due until the return of the van.

10. Responsibility :
The TENANT remains liable for the fines, contraventions and minutes established against him and also for all legal proceedings against him. In case of receipt by the renter of a report established on a rented vehicle, the LOUEUR is obliged to transmit to the Officers of the Public Prosecutor the complete details of the TENANT.

11. Case of force majeure :
In case of force majeure (accident, breakdown or other) not allowing the renter to deliver the van organized at the dates and times envisaged, the renter will be able to propose another camper (according to availability) of the same category in replacement or higher category for the originally agreed tarif.

12. Failure of the vehicle engaging by the tenant's liability :
In case of breakdown not involving the responsibility of the tenant, the renter commits itself: either to repair the same day, to replace the vehicle by another according to the availabilities, or to immobilize the vehicle on the ground of one welcoming nearest the place of the breakdown and to lend a vehicle of tourism for the movements of the TENANT while leaving it the use of the van arranged as housing.

13. Attribution of jurisdiction :
In the absence of an amicable agreement, all disputes arising under this contract will be governed by the legal rules of jurisdiction. Between traders, attribution of competence is expressly attributed to the Commercial Court of Pointe à Pitre.

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